Payments Gateway


Manage multiple processing relationships and manage payments and limits for each in one system with consolidated reporting. Take payments in any country (not on the US regulatory list)

- Manage all of your incoming payments from an unlimited number of agents, websites, brick and mortar locations, shopping carts, and/or mobile payments in a SINGLE environment & one log in.

- First payment gateway on the market to truly be ‘Fully integrated’ with QuickBooks for A/R and A/P.

- One of the largest processing volume gateways on the market for ACH and CC.

- Able to process in any country that is not on the U.S. State Department regulatory list.

- Integration with our loyalty and rewards program makes large volumes of merchant acquisition and instant consumer penetration possible.

- Certified on every major U.S. Processing Platform and the majority of POS systems on the market, and thousands of third party software platforms.

- This makes merchant acquisition [no matter their situation, software, or processing] easy business to win.

- The Gateway creates more revenue from a current book of business that an ISO may currently service.

- The gateway is coded to every type of transaction in every industry for ecommerce, card not present, and card present transactions.

- Regardless of bank, processor, industry, or software the 34 Commerce Gateway is your best solution. If for any reason it is not coded for what you need, we can build it.

- To minimize fraud: proprietary cutting edge security that sweeps every IP address in the world every 4 hours comparing AVS to the location of the purchasing IP address.

- This technology catches fraudulent charges at the gateway level.

- Software will aid in the creation of a customized shopping cart with a drag and drop design functionality.

- It can be integrated with any form of social media {Facebook, Twitter, E-mail Signatures, etc.} and it is integrated with all major shopping cart software.

- Unlike other gateways, our Gateway has the ability to issue master accounts with unique sub accounts and unique terminal IDs.

- Accommodates any type of business hierarchy including network marketing, books of business, etc.


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